Friday, March 21, 2008

This one's for you, Jolene!

Jolene just told me off..... but then I looked at the date and wondered whether I'd lost a week or so - I didn't realise it had been so long since I blogged!

I've got a bunch of stuff to tell, but need to get my photos sorted and pizza eaten, so I'll come back at some stage of this very long weekend (for some reason, schools get Easter Monday AND Tuesday - not that I'm complaining at all!) - got some big mother cleaning (put hyphens in there as you please, Katy) to do, mini-skip coming tomorrow for a mammoth chuck-out, then I'm having my fambly over for lunch on Easter Sunday, then I may just get some knitting done!

Yep, he's tired.....


Monday, March 3, 2008

woe is me, all I want to do is sit in a tidy house and knit!

I'm in a sleep all day and all night phase at the mo - might have something to do with the mammoth amount of work that I have to do around the house - having the chuck-out to end all chuck-outs, started yesterday and screeched to a halt today, have yet to clear enough crap off the floor so that I can walk on the carpet, rather than over clothes and junk... if I was to have myself a meaningful one-night stand, he'd have to whack on a pair of hiking boots just to make his way into the bedroom, clambering over the gargantuan pile of clothes in the doorway (still there after I chucked them there from the spare-room yesterday). And someone who shall remain nameless (yet is very cute and fawn and white and has lots of eyeliner on and who's name rhymes with belly) has taken to pissing on the carpet in the lounge (my fault, don't trust her enough to have free reign both inside and outside yet) - only just occurred to me to shut the door when I'm out.... she doesn't do it every day, maybe once or twice a week, and only because I missed the signs that she needed to go, but still... spot-cleaners, Glen 20 and carpet deodoriser ("pet" strength) don't work so I washed the carpet today (yes, I have my very own carpet washer!) because all I can smell is dog-wee - lovely. Got some magic enzyme stuff to spray on as well - got to come up with a lot of newspapers or something... I hope I don't get any surprise visitors any time soon, because I'll have to pretend I'm not home - I'd be far too embarrassed to let anyone in - hell, I'd be too embarrassed to answer the door to a pizza-delivery guy!!!

Knitting?? I learned myself (!) how to knit two socks at once, magic loop!!! Am part-way through TWO pairs at the moment, hanging out to finish them! Ripped out my bag (Ravelry bag-swap), fearing it was way too big, and am now having a confidence slump, not sure what to do do now.....I may have to sleep on it... Started a shawl for the mother of one of my students - I was sitting chatting with some Year 9's at lunchtime the other day, knitting on my two socks. One of them asked how much I would charge for them, and I told them about something I had read where a woman had knit a pair of kilt-hose for her husband while watching him in band rehearsals, and when they were ready, one of his friends commented that she could sell them for $1500, based on the number of hours she had worked on them. After the bell went, one of the kids stayed back, and put this to me, "If I give you my leftover money from the canteen every day, would you be able to knit my Mum a scarf??".....I choked back tears (his Mum will die sometime this year, she has a degenerative disease that is rapidly taking over her body, I can't remember the name of it, but she can't move around on her own, and her breathing is now becoming very laboured) - I told him that I would be happy to knit her a scarf, and we discussed the colours she would like etc. I told him his money wasn't necessary, that I was sure I had some wool we could use at home. The next day, he tried to slip me sixty cents....

I'm going to go to bed now, and think about how lucky I am to live in a house that looks like a wardrobe explosion and smells like dog-wee....