Saturday, November 22, 2008

deep sigh.

(I got my new MacBook a couple of months ago, love PhotoBooth!! I told my Year 10's that I was going to join an online dating site and use this pic on my profile, I was sure to pick-up....)

Graduation/Presentation Night is over. Last night I actually slept without waking up (okay, the beers and the earplugs may have helped there), and didn't wake up at 2am worrying about missing something in the planning. It all went very smoothly, and I think that Parents were happy - I got some hugs from some Mums, so it must have been okay! I had help from some great people, and to them I owe a debt of gratitude....

Somehow, during all the frenetic organising and stressing and not sleeping, I managed to take a couple of pictures of Mums' new Peace Fleece shawl (she loves it, it's lovely and snuggly. I want to re-block it though, the points aren't defined enough for my liking!):

(The table seats 8, so you get some idea as to how big the shawl ended up!)

I'm off to watch tv in bed with my eyes shut now, but before I do, here's the parcel I recieved in the mail today:

Awesome, eh? I was in the Ravelry Chocolate group swap, and I'm in heaven....FIVE big Hershey bars, PREMIUM M&M's (shoot me now, I'll die happy), and hand-made truffles (they're gone now, I thought I should eat them in case they were off, because if I shared them with anyone, then they would get sick....I'm nothing if not considerate....ahem....), and three different yaaaaaaahns. I'm a very lucky girl!


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