Monday, February 23, 2009

DRugs are good, mmmmmkay?

Had a killer head on Saturday, gone on Sunday, back today. Spent the day with my good friend Mersyndol, and am now headache-free, although slightly pain-killer-hungover!!!

Knitting - since my last post (if you can call it a "post"), I have made three Forest Canopy shawls (love that pattern, quick and beautiful, I've made each one different, by varying how deep I knit the borders) - one Silk Garden, one Handmaiden Seasilk, and one with an Italian yarn, the name of which escapes me... I'm still going with the red/blue/green/yellow pinwheel blanky for Steve and Ezz'z baby, and started another blanket (square, knit from the centre-out) for same nephew/nieceling. Also finished two special surprises for two special people who may or may not read this, so I'll wait till I see them before posting details!

Photos as soon as I can...

Off for another nap

Jeez I'm boring....

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Anonymous said...

Yes, pics would be good, it's hard to imagine knitted things.