Sunday, February 17, 2008

Right then!

Haven't blogged properly for a while.....little bit of catching up to do (is point-form okay?)!!!

1. Cynthia's bag-swap bag (all the way from New York!), and Terry L. Ross book, received just before Christmas (there were chocolates as well, but I can't seem to find them...):

2. Part of a lovely parcel from Laura (California) for the (Ravelry) Valentine's swap - she sent beautiful yaaahn, shiny stitch-markers, lollies (looooooong-gone!) and a lovely chocolatey-brown silk drawstring bag (which is currently holding a sock - on my desk at work...!):

3. Single Knitters Valentine swap (yep, Ravelry again) gifts from Nikki of NSW (and as an extra special bonus, Nikki included some chocolate-coated bonios for the dogs, and a mousie for Lucy - had to forcibly remove it from Elly first though!) - some supremo soft bamboo yaaaahn, and a sweetly-scented candle (aptly named "Harmony", just what I need bucket-loads of at the moment!):

4. A few tiny purchases....

5. A near-complete sock (yep, another washed-out pic, this is a really lovely bright red, with very subtle variegations)...

6. Mum's birthday bag (colours look really washed-out, much brighter in real-life, and the lining is bright, bright pink):

7. Noro sock (okay, just the toe...) - I'm finding this is quite pleasant to knit with, I've read lots of negative comments about its texture - of course the colours are to die for!:

8. Elly, what a little sweetyheart...

9. Mummy and me, on her birthday (Valentine's Day):

10. My grown-up backyard!!! Now it's just regular watering, and waiting for the bushes and fruit-trees to grow!!

Phew!! I'm all out of puff now, must go for a nap....

(thanks to Connor for his tireless modelling...)


Anonymous said...

connor did not look impressed with your goodies. let me guess, he's more of a decoupage boy?

where did you get the ballsack?!?

Lushorama said...

Ballsack - cafepress is my mecca....!! (personally, I love my "fuck off, I'm knitting" mug, and my "I knit, therefore I rock" bumper sticker!!)