Wednesday, May 28, 2008


...apparently it's my responsibility, as a blogger, to actually update my blog from time to time....who knew?

This is going to be a pic-heavy post, I've used-up all of my words today chance of any wit here...

- bag for Mum, for Mother's Day (shockingly bad photos, the third one is the lining - very bright oranges and blues, clashes beautifully!!!)

- shawl for Mum, blogged about previously...(again with the bad photography, the top of the shawl is actually
straight!!! Mum insisted on not having her face in the shot...)

- Mmmmmmalabrigo (worsted, can't find the colour label, stripe in Lamb's Pride Bulky in Onyx) beanie for Davo, my baby brother (shit, he just turned 37, guess I'm not so much of a young girl any more...!)

- Sock War sock....didn't even get to kill one warrior....mind you, I think you're supposed to actually put some effort into knitting a pair of socks quite quickly for this to occur...I was a bit too blase to be an effective time I'll do better!!!

- Sock War Socks that killed me dead, from Jenny (a very lovely assassin from Victoria), showcased in my very trendy clear Converse sneakers!

- one of my favourite students ever and I, faces cropped to protect the innocent - I just think she has the most beautiful and unusual eyes, and she's an all-round great kid, I love her (in a good way, not an illegal-lose-my-teaching-job-and-go-to-gaol way....!!!)

Okay, going to bed. Well soon, it's pretty dark outside, I can pretend it's after 10pm if I want to (despite knowing that it's only just gone 5.43pm.....)


(Connor and Elly don't care - Elly's got her cat-food bag, and Connor's nabbed the first spot on the clean blanky on the sofa....)

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Anonymous said...

those are amazing eyes. both pairs, really.

my two fur kids won't talk. they've been bathed. clearly that's abuse.

the shawl is lovely. i think you need to trick your mum and have her pose with her back to you but in front of a mirror. no way is mum innocent. no need to protect. no one who ever sent you to your room could be called innocent.