Saturday, November 3, 2007


Oh. My. Goodness.

I HAVE A BLOG!!!!!!!!

Ahem......Sorry about that, b
ut I'm quite impressed with myself - I've been reading knitting blogs for ages, and often wondered whether I would ever deign to join the ranks of the wordy-on-the-web, and I finally took the plunge! Now I just have to regularly update....!

Okay then, what to expect on this baby-bl

- (hopefully) lots of knitting content
- (hopefully) lots of photos of knitting/yarns
- (probably) lots of bragging and mushiness
about my lovely lovely greyhound boy, Connor, and my exceptionally beautiful pusscats, Bella and Lucy
- (hopefully not) lots of whining, whingeing and complaining about work (and the fact that I have to go there....!)
- sad, un-funny jokes (in the style of - A parrot was sitting on a perch and said, "Can anyone else smell fish?" - get it??!!!!)
- the occasional rant, I I like to rant...
- lots of exclamation marks!!!! (I'm quite fond
of them!!!!)

Here's the historical first photo posting:

Connor is my very special boy - I adopted him from nearly a year ago now, after he had been left at the vets by his owner/trainer (? we're not sure who) to be euthanased (he had injured himse
lf, healed over a few months and then decided that he'd rather sleep on a couch than chase a fluffy thing). Melita, the angel who runs this group was only given a few days to find him a family, and I was the lucky one who got to welcome Connor (he had no name that we know of) into my home. Please visit the site and have a look at the beautiful dogs that need someone to love....

Right, onto the knitting content....

My Grandma taught me how to knit when I was little - every now and then I would sleep-over when Grandad went to the masons (oooh, mysterious!). He would get us our 'comforts' (Scottish-speak for chocolate and lollies) before he went, and we would then spend the night knitting, sewing, playing gin rummy and staying up late to watch the late movie. Sometimes she'd let me have a lovely Blackberry Nip with lemonade, in one of her very special wine glasses, and I'd feel all grown-up and special. I would get to sleep in the big waterbed with Grandma, and Grandad was banished to the spare room when he came home! Grandma was a prolific and talented knitter - she used to knit Aran jumpers, all cabled and bobbled and plaited, whilst watching her daily 'stories' - we don't remember ever seeing her use a pattern.....

I didn't knit for a very long time, and took it up again last year when I had an extended time off work on sick leave (more on that another time maybe) and needed a reason to get up everyday. I started by knitting ridiculously silly and simple beanies and scarves for my friends to wear on our annual trip to Rottnest in the winter, and I haven't stopped!! Knitting has become my sanity-saver - to the extent that if I don't have my knitting with me, even at work, I get more than a little antsy!!!

I spend a LOT of time on the intern
et reading knitting blogs, downloading patterns, buying fancy-pants yarns on-line, and (sometimes) wishing that I lived in the UK or USA, simply because of the beautiful wools available, and because no-one seems to mind if you knit during a meeting (I tried to the other day in a staff meeting, but got the-look-of-the-smacked-bottom from many of my colleagues.... even though every bastard around me was Sudoko-ing..... flippin' double-standards....!) - and I recently got my Ravelry invite (I'm Lushorama there as well), so am slowly adding to my page every day...

Knitting photos:

heheehehee - I need to learn how to add pics better....this hedgehog was knitted for my Aunty Babsie (the one and only!) - I don't think anyone noticed that I knit his back on sideways, or that I may have over-stuffed him....!!!!

Okay then, I think that's it for me for today, I'm going to collect my thoughts, take some pics, and DO SOME KNITTING!!!!!

Thanks for joining me, speak to (at?) you soon!!



Melinda said...

Hi Lisa. Welcome to the world of blogging! Looking forward to sharing your knitting experiences with you - esp. socks!

Lushorama said...

WOOHOOOO!!!!! My first comment! Thanks Melinda!

Darrow said...

Yay you! I'm reasonably new to the blogging thang too. Love the hedgehog btw, and I'll look out for you on ravelry (I'm crafty science).

Jan said...

Welcome to blogland. I surfed over from Southern Summer of Socks. Does this make you technologically adept? of course!!

I'm Shalom at Ravelry but have spent very little time there since I joined up about six weeks ago. I can see it as a big dark hole into which I could be sucked. I'm now on holidays till the end of February so may have some time to explore.

Jan said...

I meant to add that your grandma sounds like mine with the exception of the blackberry knit. She never touched "stuff" as she called it but was partial at the end of her life to a secret beer which she believed no one knew about. Chocolate, knitting, puzzles were all part of many weekends i spent there. She used to bribe me with sixpence to see if I could stay still in her bed and not wriggle for five minutes.

A grandma myself now, I still miss her.