Sunday, November 25, 2007

Sweetyheart good boy.....

Last Saturday Connor went over to Jules' for his bath (he gets into it with Sam and Dexter, they bath together with Ron, the Dog Whisperer - he whispers to the mutts as he washes them, then they get a boney-o) - I had a doc appointment, so he was all grown-up and on his todd. Jules said that after their baths, they were all running like the wind, then she looked out the window and saw this:
He was very tired....being so handsome is very draining.....

I love him.
I think I want to marry my dog.

I need to get out more.....



IHateToast said...

i know! i lerves my kids.

my whitie will lose his ball tomorrow. very sad.

should i knit him a neuticle?

Lushorama said...

You definately should knit him a neuticle!!! Sending good thoughts for a quick and smooth procedure/recovery
Connor the Wondergrey