Sunday, November 4, 2007

Lovely lovely Sunday

Goodness me, two posts in two days?? Excellent work, Lisa....

Connor and I went for a lovely walk early this morning, along the beachfront at Rockingham - we made some new doggy friends and then went for a stroll around the Sunday Rotary markets (nope, didn't buy anything!). From there we went to Mum and Dad's for a quick cuppee tea, and Nick (their remaining dog, they lost Buster the Jack Russell to age and cancer earlier this week, very sad) met Connor for the first time. Nick is a rescue dog - we think that he was treated badly, and so he doesn't cope too well with many situations - but I'm very pleased to say that I think that he liked my boy!! Much wagging of tails and licking of boy-bits, so we'll see.....! I'd love to be able to bring Connor with me to our Thursday night family dinners!

This is what I see when I wake up in the morning....awwwww!

On the knitting front, I cast on for the second of Jules' socks last night, and did the ribbing. I hope to finish it today, tomorrow at a push. They are basic Cascade Fixation ankle socks -white, with black/white heel/mid-foot section and toes. I think I've cast on and knit the ribbing too loosely though, they seem to be VERY stretchy (I tried one on, and while they fit nicely, the ankle ribbing seems to have stretched, and hasn't 'sprung' back in...) - or is that just how this yarn knits?? It's a bit difficult to knit with such stretch!!! I think they'll be fine after a wash. Like how I talk myself into "everything is fine"?

I need to do about 75 thousand loads of washing, sweep, make a new dog out of the dog hair under my sofa, vacuum, wash dishes, strip my bed, write a test for my Year 9's, read the paper, make chocolate muffins for Homework Class, have a nanna-nap, sit on the lounge with Connor's head in my lap, surf the net just in case someone leaves a comment on my blog, browse Ravelry for a few hours, ring Jules and talk nonsense for an hour (not that that's a chore, we do it often!!), and THEN I'm going to cast on a pair of socks for ME!!! And they are going to be fancy-pants socks......with eyelets..... and frilly bits.... and they just might even be PINK!!!!

Oh, and I might have another look for my camera cable....


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