Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Day One

...because yesterday doesn't really count, does it?
Lovely evening out on the verandah, cats well in sight (and tauntingly within reach!) - it's amazing the difference in how they are with Elly, compared to how they were with Connor. It's almost as if they know that I won't let anything happen to them! Last night, Lucy the Scaredy sat on the table next to me, and Elly was sitting on the other side of me, interested, but relaxed enough to lay down and look the other way!! WHOOO!!! All will be well soon enough if this keeps up! I've been giving Elly a little treat every time she looks at me or away from a cat, so hopefully she'll associate good things with them....

A couple to start the day:

"where's the rest of my tail?"

"The lighting's all wrong, I want another photographer, someone who knows what they're doing...."


1 comment:

IHateToast said...

look at her spot. it's a tear drop pulling from the other one. you have plate tectonics on your dog.