Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Dear Stalker

Dear Stalker,
Hmmmm....what sort of bag do I like.....?
Okay then - here are some ideas.....
- I like strap/s - long ones, so that I can carry the bag across my body if I need to be hands-free
- I like to either carry a lot of junk with me (including at least on pair of socks-on-the-go!) OR just my money, phone, keys and sock
- I'm not a fan of the draw-string
- I can never find my mobile phone when it rings
How's that? I feel a bit demanding now....!!!!
Ooooh, this is fun!!!!

(I'm sure I'll love anything that you make for me - the thought that someone is planning and making something for ME makes me grin like a loon!!!)


Bag Lady Swapper said...

Fantastic! That makes my job a LOT easier.

Lushorama said...

hahahaaha - excellent, happy to help!!

Bag Lady Swapper said...

Ok. I have some more questions for you.

1. Do you prefer baggy, structured, or somewhere in between?

2. You said you like a messenger style length strap. How long would that be (from right hip, over your left shoulder, and back to your right hip). And do you like the bag to sit low or high?

3. Now, as I presume this bag will travel everywhere with you, what is the 'best' colour for it to be? Soemthing bright and funky like Fuschia, or something more "all round" like a hardy denim or camel colour?

That's all for now :D

Lushorama said...

hahahaahhahaa... this is fun!!!

I'm just about to ask similar questions of the person I'm stalking....!

I have no preference as to baggy/structured....I just measured the strap on a bag that sits nicely, and it's 1.6 m long....oooooooh - FUNKY sounds cool (fuschia is a fave of mine!!!)

I'm loving this!!!

Again, happy to help!