Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Oh my goodness - I haven't shown you the bag that Cynthia made for me yet, have I?!!! How slack am I - but in my defense, I have been busy USING the bag, so how could I blog about it.... Ok, that was a crap excuse - I'm forgetful, absent-minded, have a brain like a sieve..... I'm also not feeling well, my tummy is grumpy with me, and I had to stay home, instead of join Jules and her family for her birthday dinner tonight....saw her today (and did presents and foot spas, in preparation for the Inaugural Twinkle Toes event on Friday - more on that later), but it's not the same... I've had a horrible head/funny tummy thing on and off for a few days now, and I'm not happy about it - also missed my local "Fibre Arts" group's FIRST meeting last night. Maybe it's the heat? Maybe it's the Universe's strange way of telling me that I should win Lotto, give up work to stay home and knit and watch The Days of our Lives every day (my life-long dream, I don't want much...)?

Anyway, back to the's beautiful, and I love it! It's PINK, and it has a massive felted flower on the front, and I love it! It had the Terry Ross book inside (I nearly bought it the day before I received my parcel!), a box of chocolates, a beautiful hand-made soap, and some patterns for crocheted embellishments! Lovely!!! As luck would have it, Cynthia is as bad as me with deadlines, and it turns out we sent each other's bags within a day or two of each other, and we received them on the same day!!! Knitter's luck....?

More news on Swaps.....I'm an idiot. I was all upset, because my International Mystery Swap partner hadn't contacted me yet (5 days after the contact deadline). I'd even gotten myself a "secret" email address to use (yeah Lisa, real secret - WHEN TRYING TO GET AN ANONYMOUS EMAIL ADDY, DON'T USE YOUR REAL NAME AS THE DISPLAY NAME, LOSER!!!!!!!!!), and had made contact with the person that I am knitting/buying for, and we've already had a bit of back and forth banter and laughs. So, I get in touch with the hostess, like we're meant to, and let her know I hadn't heard anything yet, that I'd even checked my junk mail, which is fine (she emailed and asked if everyone had contacted everyone). She replied that she had checked with my partner who had told her that we'd exchanged several emails already....... I didn't know that we were swapping with each other, I thought that I was giving to Jesi (who promptly sent me an email apologising - for what? It's ME with the mis-firing brain cells), and someone else was giving to me (you know, the whole "upstream/downstream" thing....). Anyway long story (that makes me look like I don't have the brains I was born with) short, I sent sheepish emails declaring my lack of brain function....and haven't heard back from either of them, they're too busy shaking their respective heads at my sheer lack of cleverness.... gee, I used "brain" a lot in those two sentences....
So now I have just made a very impressive impression on two very nice people. Not. Who now are probably wondering what they did to deserve being lumped with such a nincompoop. A well-meaning, yet slightly dim nincompoop.
Why does Blogger pick up "recieve" as being misspelt, but not "nincompoop"? Is that the correct spelling???

Back to bag-swap. Where are the pictures, I hear you wearily cry....haven't taken any yet. Will do it tomorrow. It's still 35 degrees C, and it's 9.45pm, and I'm sitting outside, typing in the dark, so I'll take photos tomorrow.

I promise.

I leave you with Connor in a reflective pose, he's very sensitive and artistic....

Oh, and I've finished the base of the bag I'm making for my Australian Knitters bag-lady (or man) swap, although I'm not sure if my partner will actually get it - I'm really liking it, and will be tempted to keep it for myself!!! Also, I've bought a tonne of Valentine-y stuff for my International Valentine's Day swap, and had a lovely email from my partner!
I love this stuff!!!!


Kimberly said...

Do not worry, you didn't make a bad impression. I'd much rather find out it was just a mistake then have to hound someone who hasn't responded. :)

Bag Lady Swapper said...

Hey Lady!

I'm having thoughts about your parcel. Lots of good thoughts... Have you completed a "5 things about you" yet? (poke) I think you should.. :D

jesi said...

That's ok, you can just make up for it by sending your swapee (gee what was her name again) a kola!

Anonymous said...

Hi Yarnetine, I'm so excited because as of today I have your package ready to go. It will go out in Monday's mail and you should get it in about 10 days or so. Looking at the calendar, I realize this means you might get it 2 whole weeks before Valentine's Day. Hhhmm, maybe I should wait before sending it. No peaking until the actual day, right?

With regard to this thread, you're being pretty hard on yourself. like Kimberly said, it's better to realize a mistake was made than to have someone not respond.

Lushorama said...

- Oh Yarntine....I can't guarantee that the parcel will keep till Feb 14th...but I WILL try!!!!

- Bag Lady Swapper - were my semi-coherent ramblings any help...?

- koala? easy.....!

- thanks Kimberley, I'm glad you don't think I'm a dipstick!!!