Thursday, January 10, 2008


Ooooh.....this swapping malarkey is fun!!! I've managed to sign myself up to three swaps - an Australian Bag-lady Swap; an International Valentine swap; and Mystery Swap 2 (also international) - all via Ravelry! Loads of fun - my lovely Bag-lady has been in contact already, and I've been swapping emails with my Mystery Swappee - still waiting to hear whether my Bag-swappee has received my messages..... I've already started the bag for her, she's at Uni, and so it's going to be big enough for books etc, and I'm using some beautiful Kureyon from my stash, and will felt it so it's lovely and sturdy. Will post pics when it has progressed a little more!
Better go, Connor's looking at me pathetically, apparently he's at risk of starving, because his dinner is 23 seconds late....


IHateToast said...

oooh, you're good. i would be afraid to swap. once i have a deadline, i lose it.

can't wait to see what you do.

i have to feed my guys at the very last minute or they'll poo.

Lushorama said...

hehehee....I was just in a Yahoo Bag-a-holics swap with a lady in New York, and it was fun (used stash, so didn't cost too much!) - I also love the sounds of deadlines swooshing past (I was three weeks late with the Yahoo swap, but so was my partner....), but the deadlines for these swaps are staggered, so hopefully I can make it....!

Connor doesn't have a poo schedule, he likes to be spontaneous (like in front of picnickers)