Wednesday, April 23, 2008

...and now for some knitting!!! (and the obligatory dog porn)

Yes, you read right, I've been knitting - AND I've finished something!!!!!
I give you:

- the shawl for the mother of the student I told you about earlier. It's a "shallow" triangle (so she can use it like a scarf as well as a shawl), made-up as I went, very easy, in Spunky Eclectic, Neopolitan colourway (the student chose the colour, said his Mum can't eat ice-cream anymore so she'd love it...sob...). I wasn't sure it'd be big enough till I blocked it and stretched the bejeebus out of it - it's very light and soft, and it smells lovely - I soaked it in Monkey Farts...

Helen's bag. It's Jo Sharp (a bag of 10 balls I got for $25!!!!) and Noro Kureyon (yep, I'm noticing a theme here with my bags, all seem to be a plain/Noro combo....but the colours are so pretty!!! I felted it with a pair of black (faded) jeans, and nearly died when I took it out of the machine - it was a ghastly grey/yellow - but now it doesn't look so bad, maybe it'll brighten up as it dries...I think it'll be okay. I'll call it "mustard"....

Dog porn...

'nuff said.


Anonymous said...

it's all so nice. very strawberries and cream with chocosauce.

and the noro looks fine. don't compare it to what it was before; just look at it as its own entity.

the dog porn was excellent. you got paws, booties, and pingpong farting in. you are skilled.

ekgheiy said...

Very Nice work! She's going to love it for sure :)

Your pups are so adorable!!

Lushorama said...

Thank-you, ladies!!! Helen got her bag tonight,and liked it, so all's well!!!

(oh and Katy - you should see some of the pics I got tonight...boom-chikka-bow-wowwwww for sure!!!)

Pam said...

Greyt shots of the pups.
Mine sleeps like that quite often.
Only hound owners would understand the 'roaching'