Friday, April 11, 2008

Yes, I am lucky.

Just a quick one - it's 1.50am, and I've just gotten in from the Senior School Ball. It was an absolute mammoth event in terms of organisation (I started planning this time last year), and now it's all over (just got to get money out of the teachers now- yep, we have to pay to go to these things...), and tomorrow is the last day of term. There were the usual speeches - thank-yous, DJ/photographer info, toilets and emergency exits, and then there was a surprise from my Year 12's (I'm the Year 12 Co-ordinator at my school, I started as their Year 8 Co-ordinator and followed them through to now) - they had collected money from everyone and put together a massive basket of goodies (mostly pink - including a LAVA LAMP!!!), a beautiful bunch of flowers, and they made a card and all wrote in it. But that's not why I'm lucky.

I'm lucky because I got hugs and kisses and good wishes for my holidays and thanks for organising the Ball from about 160 teenagers. And I didn't force them to....

I'll put some pics up tomorrow, I HAVE to show you the card....


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