Saturday, April 12, 2008



That was the sound of a contented sigh, from a very worn-out Lushie..... I have the usual-first-day-of-school-holidays-thumping headache (not hungover, just tired!), but am very glad to be still in bed at 11.38 on a Saturday morning, with no early mornings scheduled for the next two weeks. We've been out for a walk, and then breakfast, a shower and fresh pj's, clean sheets, all ready for a day of supreme lolling-in-bed, watching Law and Order tapes and eating junk!!!

First-up, here are the pics of the gifts I received on Thursday night from the kids at the Ball:
What a great bunch of kids. I love them. You know, I've been teaching for twenty years this year, and I can honestly say that while there will always be kids who do/say silly things, for me, it's other TEACHERS that are the main source of frustration and disillusionment (is that a word?) with the job (hang on,that makes me sound like I think I'm so great, that's not it, I'm just sick of the few crap teachers - who give "TEACHERS" as a group a bad name - at my school who won't do anything to make things better) are kids, and they are learning how to be themselves, learning how to be good people, and so I can forgive a child pretty much anything, but other adults...? That's enough on that topic (does it show that I've had a gutful of some of my workmates?)

I leave you with Ted, a bear who is shared by two of my year 10's who love each other very much (at least I ask them if they love each other very much and if they're going to get married and have babies and stuff, to which they usually giggle and blush). Anyway, Ted had a hole in his bum, and so they asked me if I'd fix him, and so I made him a hat and a scarf as well...



Inoriz said...

Your students are so cute! :)

Anonymous said...

i had an awesome teaching team, but i saw other grade levels and shivered.

why can't some people admit when it's time to move on?

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