Sunday, December 2, 2007

3 posts in one day??

Well, I've finished my Bag -a-holic bag swap bag!! I've got some little gifts to put in it - the obligatory kangaroo toy and Australia keyring (thanks to Jules - it IS going to New York!), some Cascade Fixation in an olive green (Cynthia said she likes greens), Brittany birch dpns, some wishing stones (pretty glass beads with words on them - hope, dream, happiness etc), a beaded bracelet and earrings that my Mum made, some strong pins with big heads for blocking, some ribbon trims in greens, and some bag hardware (swivel attachments for bag handles). I'm going to get some chocolates tomorrow and then it'll be winging it's way O/S!!! I hope it gets there before Christmas.....

I've also decided that I need (okay, "want"...) a new camera... maybe I'll treat myself for Christmas.....(the colours in this bag are much nicer in person, much richer - Mum reckons they're real "Australian colours", and I think I agree.

Okee dokes folk/s, I'm off to the land of nod - see you later!!



Melinda said...

Stunning bag! What yarn did you use? I can never find one that felts satisfactorily...

Lushorama said...

Thank-you very much, Melinda!! I used two balls of Jo Sharp (100% wool, DK)doubled, and the coloured bits are where I swapped one strand of the Jo Sharp for one strand of Noro Silk Garden...I find that super loose, double stranded always felts nicely for me...(oh, and Mum's super-dooper washing machine, I have a front-loader...)!