Saturday, December 29, 2007

many things

Oh my goodness, but I've been busy!!!!
First, there was the winding of the balls. Of wool etc.... I love my swift and my new ball winder, and I think that if I ever divorce my dog (because I have to marry him), then I will propose matrimonial bliss to my ball winder. That's right, no life.
Then, my garden man has been laying pavers (it is not my place to judge.....oh boy, did I warn you about the shockingly bad jokes??) along my driveway. He also top-dressed my "lawn", and tonight I water-soaker-stuffed it, and watered it for the first time in about 6 years. I hope it works....can't water again til Wednesday, and there's another few 39+ degree days forecast....feels a lot like a waste of resources...might re-think that one, eh?
What else.....
Oh!! Christmas came and went, Mum and Dad celebrated their 41st wedding anniversary yesterday, and today I spent a lot of money - new outdoor setting, from which I plan to compose my next post (one with actual knitting content!!), and air-con for my little hot-box of a house!!! It's been ten years of searing heat, I won't know myself when it's installed next week!!! I re-financed my mortgage in July, and with the extra moolah I'm doing a lot of things that have been waiting patiently to be done - gardens, air-con, carport etc.... I'm such a grown-up!
Right, and now I'm tired, so will leave you with:
my Christmas Day breakfast at Mum and Dad's;
a leadlight mermaid that my Mum made - she's a very clever lady!
my brother Nick. Yes, I know he's a dog. He has my eyes...

Bella, helping....

That's your lot. For today, anyway!!

Sleep tight,


IHateToast said...

gardening? can't do it. i tried and tried, but it's not in my genes. the dirt is, but not the skill.

so, like, how far have you gone with the ball winder? like first base? all the way? it's still cheating on your dog!

Lushorama said...

all the way, baby..... and Connor and I have reached an understanding - he won't complain about the time I'm spending with Windey, as long as I keep the liver-treats comin'.... works for me....