Sunday, December 2, 2007

oh, the knitting...


Knitting progress:
- only half a sock to go and SIL's birthday pressie is done (not needed till January,maybe they can wait!)
- quarter of a sock to go for Jules, aiming to get these finished this week
- half an entrelac bag for Mummy - I ripped it out and started again, much neater now that I know what I'm doing! My picked-up stitches were shocking.....!!

- Lady Eleanor for me has begun! I already had a stash of Silk garden just waiting for the right project, and I'm waiting for more to come (a mighty fine eBay purchase!!!)
- in the middle of lining my Bag-a-holic bag-swap bag, for Cynthia
- stash enhancement (can't remember "brand", but the colour is "Strawberry"; Lorna's Laces "Jeans"; Araucania in pinks; Seawool....can't remember the colour, and I've wound it into a ball since this pic...lost the band)

- and more stash enhancement - Berrocco Peruvia, red, black and cream, for a felted zebra-striped bag

Will try to get some pictures of actual knitted items today - if I can crow-bar my lazy arse off the sofa!!

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