Sunday, December 16, 2007


Hello My Lovely Reader!
Here is the sock that I am currently knitting (sorry, ONE of the SOCKS that I am currently knitting...):

It's a really bad photo, because I'm really bad at TAKING photos....but Connor's foot is there next to mine, which is a bit lovely.... and I shaved my legs last week, so no-one should be losing their last meal whilst viewing this post....

Last Wednesday I had the dubious pleasure of attending our school's Year 10 Dinner Dance. As the person who organised this spectacularly underwhelming event will never ever read this blog, I feel safe in bagging the crap out of it.... Staff had to pay $35 to RUN THIS THING. If we don't go, the kids don't get to go, so I'm still unsure why we teachers have to pay... anyway, it was a DINNER dance, so a meal would be nice, right? WRONG!!!! It was a COCKTAIL FOOD DANCE....(can't really call it a Cockdance now, can we Lisa) So, for my $35 I ate: one quarter of a stale chicken sandwich, 2 twice-fried mini-spring rolls (you know the bulk party packs you get in the freezer at Coles?) with sweet chilli sauce, 1 triple-fried mini-samosa (see bulk comment), 2 squid rings (again with the bulk) and 3 ex-frozen wedges. No sour cream. I shouldn't complain, the kids had to pay $45.... After the lavish meal, I volunteered to go outside and do "duty" on the balcony (had to get out of the windowless room that was pulsating with what kids call music these days - oooh, I just got old...), and I was SO glad I did - this was my view (still broad daylight at nearly 8pm) :

I stayed outside till the peace was shattered by bloody kids having a good time, whereupon I plonked myself down with a cup of tea and continued being old.

On a Christmassy note, here is my desk at work:

The two clowns in the second pic are co-workers - one is my immediate superior (or so he thinks, anyway), and the other is the out-going Year 12 Co-ordinator (I'm 'it' for 2008). The "circle of love" is a highly effective discipline tool I have developed over the years, particularly useful in the stunning and maiming of Year 9 boys. It is a non-contact method, involving the encircling of the child with outsretched arms and channeling "love" towards the child....they love it....I once chased a kid around the quadrangle to implement this that wrong??? Once utilised correctly, this method often renders the affected child speechless and immobile for up to two whole lessons.

Okay, I need a nap....



IHateToast said...

someone pocketed bigtime dollaridoos with that menu.

at least you got a view. and it's over now.

time to be your marble cake.

Lushorama said...

mmmmmm....marble cake.....