Monday, December 10, 2007

What the....?

Where did last week go? Last thing I remember is writing the last post, waxing lyrical about my lovely Southern Summer of Socks newbie-sock-knitter prize, and drooling over my Jolly Jumbuck purchase, and all of sudden I'm here, AGAIN writing about Monday..... Must pay attention to time flying by.....

Some knitting, not a lot:

The lovely Jolly Jumbuck yarn (the yarnis called Aphrodite, the colour is Athabasca) is becoming my very first toe-up sock!! This pic is from Friday, when I hid out in my classroom at lunchtime...I'm now up to the gusset increases, and I think all is well!

That's it. The rest of the week went by in a blur - Friday night at Jules', with the Rottnest crew, then I slept most of Saturday (I know how to manage my time....). Sunday was housework in case of an impromptu visit from Mater - turns out she let me know beforehand this time!!!

Okay, last week of school (for the kiddies at least, I have a couple more days next week), and I'm running late already....


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